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  • feedbackAuthor: Matthew - #cc5N8u-ElmSII | Controller: SDVX

    I got the SDVX RGB White edition (default everything) and I've been extremely happy with it so far. Their customer service is excellent, one of my knob encoders came broke, but they were able to get me a replacement quickly and painlessly. Other than that one hiccup, the controller performs like a dream and is easy to modify and customize if you really want to make it your own.

  • feedbackAuthor: Hinara - #8P275s-rMcnsv | Controller: SDVX

    Improvements that could be done:
    A lightly stronger spring on BT buttons
    Select RGB strip's color

    Only problem was that an LED die in less than a week.
    However, I think I just felt on a bad one and yuan sent me five new LEDs in compensation (thanks Yuan :grinning: )

    The controller feels good and looks good :)
    Knobs are very stable (feel better than the arcade)

  • feedbackAuthor: ADX MONITOR SUPPORT | Controller: SDVX

    this is a list that you might need to know